Strona: ERASMUS / Studium Języków Obcych



ERASMUS examination

Level: B2

Exam form: spoken

The exam consists of 4 parts:

  • self-presentation, presentation on the university and presentation of the university/country the student is heading for (typical topics: geography, history, culture, arts)
  • a short summary of a selected written article (text length: about ½ A4 page, general topics),
  • a short summary of a recorded text, student listens once only (length: about 2min) 
  • expressing opinion on a selected general topic.

Maximum exam score is 40 points – 10 points per each task.


General discussion topics:

  1. Everyday problems: house, home budget, sharing duties, shopping, services, eating habits.
  2. Family life: relatives, national holidays, family celebrations, conflicts, personal plans.
  3. Emotions: mutual relations, friendship, love, tolerance.
  4. Environment – ecological issues.
  5. Leisure time.
  6. Interests and hobbies.
  7. Others.

Zasady przebiegu egzaminu ERASMUS z języka angielskiego

  1. Erasmus exam is a spoken exam and it is taken in front of a two-person committee consisting of language teachers from the Department of Foreign Languages.
  2. The exam takes about 8-10 min.
  3. The candidate is required to:
  • provide his/her ID before the exam,
  • bring his/her own pen.
  1. Candidates are invited to enter the classroom individually and in alphabetical order .
  2. Having entered the classroom the candidate picks an exam set and starts getting ready.
  3. The set includes:
  • recording number; candidate listens to it once only,
  • a written text which must be summarized after being read by the candidate,
  • a general topic question the candidate must answer.
  1. The candidate gets ready in previously designed place (at some distance from the committee) for about 10min. He/she is allowed to takes notes and use them during the exam.
  2. When one of the candidates answers the questions in front of the committee the other candidate gets ready in the designed place.   
  3. On completion of the exam the candidate is asked to leave the notes and his/her set.
  4. The following aspects are marked:
  • fluency,
  • vocabulary,
  • grammar aspects,
  • pronunciation,
  • cohesion (logical thinking and coherence).
  1. The exam results are passed on to the Foreign Affairs Office no later than 7 days after the exam.  

12. During the exam the candidates are strictly forbidden from using any communication methods according to the code of ethics signed by the Rector of Rzeszow University of Technology on 29.09.2014.


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